Flagship February


Tomorrow kicks off Flagship February, a movement set to shed light on beers that are seen as mainstays in the craft beer world. These beers are brands that have been around since the beginning, for most of us, and may have been the one beer that got you started on your craft beer journey. The reality is that these beers may not always be around, and most of us take them for granted and just expect them to be available.

So many beer drinkers today are seeking out the latest releases, or looking to try something that they haven’t had before, and there is nothing wrong with that, however the flagships and core releases by breweries are being passed up over and over again in the quest to try the latest and greatest.

I’ve been guilty of this myself. I often look at a draft menu for something that is new to me. I want to experience something and stay on top of the release game in order to remain relevant in beer related conversations. However there are many times that I will order up a core beer, because I know that I’ll find satisfaction in what I am drinking. I know what to expect and that I’ll be getting a well-crafted, great tasting beer that I am in the mood for.

The flagship and core beers that we have grown to expect are beers like Stone IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Anchor Steam Beer, and New Belgium Fat Tire. Now it’s not to say that all of these are in danger of going the way of Old Yeller, but beers like these are seeing less and less movement, which if this happens enough, will mean that breweries will cease to make them.

When a core beer gets retired, it perks everyone up and so many people comment with things like, “It is such a good beer, why are they getting rid of it?” or “Man, such a solid beer, it sucks that its not going to be available anymore.” While these statements are true, when asked when the last time these people bought said beer, the answer is usually a while ago… a LONG while ago.

So this #FlagshipFebruary, head out to your local bottle shop and pick up a 6 pack of one of your favorite standbys. Something you know is tried and true to your taste. Maybe even pick up a 6 pack of the beer that started it all for you. If you don’t go back to your roots, you may never have the chance to do so ever again.

Posted on January 31, 2019 .