Camp Wandawega GBH x BSSG

Back in early October, HCB got an invite to be a part of a weekend camping trip to Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, WI. This weekend was designed to get people of like-minded crafts to come together to meet, drink, eat and share. Designers, photographers, artists, film makers, brewers, writers, and chefs all coming together to learn about one another, drink and eat like kings, and even enjoy actual camp activities. Think of it like summer camp but with incredible food and beer, all packed into one weekend.

A collaborative event produced by Good Beer Hunting, Buckshot Sonny's Sporting Goods, and Camp Wandawega, this was the second annual retreat. Friday night began with arrivals and introductions throughout the evening and featured a special tapping with Solemn Oath Brewing Co. Trays of charcuterie from Publican Quality Meats complemented the tappings and stories told by the brewers. With plenty of social lubrication being consumed, new friendships were starting to form while everyone traded information, caught up on past stories, and spook about future plans. The activities turned to poker, darts and pool well into mid morning.

The next morning, Intelligentsia Coffee provided the wake-up juice and Longman and Eagle out of Chicago cooked up the grub. As campers slowly made their way to daylight, the day of activities started to unfold. Normal camp stuff like archery, beer, basketball, hiking, beer, bocce, and a few games of Frisnock, Beersbee, Beer Bottle Frisbee, or Knock the Bottle Off with a Frisbee all provided entertainment. A cellared beer tasting from Phil Kuhl from Wirtz Beverage brought campers together to explore some aged bottles and various styles of beers from across the country.

A spectacular dinner was provided by Chef Cleetus Friedman of Foutnainhead in Chicago and paired with brews crafted by Penrose Brewing out of Geneva, IL. This was one of the first looks into what Penrose will be doing once they open up late November and their game plan, as well as their beer, is nothing short of solid.

Shortly after dinner concluded, a special screening of the film Sign Painters took place with filmmaker Sam Macon. This was a fantastic film focused on the craft and art of sign painting back when it was in it's prime and how the industry and craft is a dying art with the modernization of the sign making process. To see the effort and artistry that goes into the work and the people that are still doing it today was very inspiring.

The night's listed activities concluded with a fire large enough to be seen two states away and completed with flaming nunchucks, a huge bottle share, and of course, more fantastic food.

This weekend was a wonderful opportunity to meet some incredibly talented people and share in a collaborative experience. Until the next one, cheers!

Posted on November 18, 2013 .