A Year For Beer

Going to a beer event on a Monday can get a little tough for some people. Not too many of us can really go out drinking on a school night, but when something like an anniversary party is thrown by a brewery, that is something you want to attend.

When our friends at Half Acre Beer Co. opened up their taproom a year ago, it provided a place to get their beer fresh from the source and added an open door into their story.

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Having a taproom is a great way to give face to a facility that would otherwise just be a producer and not much of a destination. When Half Acre decided to open their doors for a party, it became apparent how many people have appreciated this recent addition.

Once the clock struck 6, the line of beer fans filed their way into the taproom and on into the brewery were different stations were set up with food, beer and special offerings. The taproom itself carrying most of the selection, the bar quickly became engulfed anxious drinkers ready to get the party started. The first brew on the HCB radar was the Bourbon Barrel Aged Baume Stout. A killer beer to begin with, the barrel aging added some greatness to the aroma and to the taste. Slightly sweet, cocoa and vanilla tied together with a bit of bourbon oak wrapping it all together. This beer was delicious.

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Out in the brewery guests were able to mingle, scope out the operations, and access additional specialty brews. Pony Pils in gin barrels, SkyDevil Saison with Bretty, and a Quinoa Barrel Aged Lager Town Octoberfest Ale were some of the more sought after brews. Baume took on another form under the name 47th Ward and this iteration was aged in a barrel that previously held a blend of a few different bourbons. The flavor profile was very complex but somehow all came back around to a smooth drinking stout.


One of the silent additions to the beer list was the cask of Gossamer Purple Ale with Chokeberries. This brew maintained everything that Gossamer is, minus the actual color, but had a hefty berry flavor added to it that was present enough to augment the taste, but wasn’t overly powerful and medicinal.

Salumi Card.JPG

Alongside the always popular Publican Meats, West Loop Salumi was on hand sampling some of their wares and teaching us the difference between salami and salumi. Apparently it’s the same stuff, but salami is a type of salumi. These salted meats were a great addition to the beers and the West Loop guys definitely gained several new fans.

It was nice to see the support and interest that Half Acre has gained over their years in business, both by patrons and from the industry. It’s always fun to take the journey with a company and see how they have grown and look forward to future endeavors. As with any wish at an anniversary, we hope for nothing but the best in the future for Half Acre and look forward to many more milestones.

Posted on November 6, 2013 .