sol·i·dar·i·ty / noun: Unity or agreement of feeling or action, esp. among individuals with a common interest. I.E. Craft Beer

MISSION :: To bring real craft beer to the masses.

Solidarity is a collective of craft brewers and craft beer professionals that celebrate hardcore craft beer. Solidarity formed to help educate consumers on the products that are available from local producers and regional producers with local representation.


Through the use of collaborative event planning and online media, Solidarity aims to educate consumers on what hardcore craft beer is in a given region. Born in Chicago, Solidarity helps local brewers and regional brewers that have local representation (reps live and work within the market that their beer is sold) define the line between craft beer and "crafty" beer.


Solidarity's events help spotlight bars and craft beer locations as being part of the growing craft beer community. They also act as a platform for exposing the craft beer drinker to beer they otherwise would not have access to, or think to try. As an example, Solidarity :: Darkside aims to abolish the misconception that consumers have about dark beer, all while giving them some awesome beers to try.