Quadrupels, or Quads, are great beers for aging. Fresh they boast big yeasty characteristics and flavors of banana and fruits. The style originated with the Trappist brewers in Belgium. Now, many Belgian and American brewers put their take on the style, but there is just something about the Belgian versions that make the style shine.

Smell is strong with fig, plum and some leather. A faint wood note is detectable through the layers of malts and dark fruit. As it warms up, the leather aroma turns more to a tobacco and the fig and plum intensify while adding in a bit of malted cocoa.

The thing that hits me first is the mouthfeel. Almost creamy and very smooth. Lightly carbonated but enough to give this beer life.

The flavor shows some decent signs of oxidation, but doesn't make this at all undrinkable. Cocoa and coffee take the reigns form the fig and plum that were prevalent in the aroma. The dark fruits are there, but not as noticeable. There is a bit of an oak, wooden flavor that makes an appearance along with the dark malts but one thing that you cannot pick up is the alcohol. At 10% ABV, this beer drinks far less potent.

This is nearly 10 years old at this point. As good as it is now, it's more so in the category of drinking very well for how old it is. Probably wouldn't put too much more time on this as the oxidation is getting to it quite a bit. However, it is still drinking really well for how old it is...


Our CELLARED series aims to explore the world of aging beer and sharing the effects of time in the bottle. Bottles have been kept away from light and at temperatures between 44-60 degrees. Individual experiences may vary depending on storage environments.

Posted on May 9, 2014 .