With old ales being a style of beer literally made for aging, it is a no brainer to track down a few different versions of the beer to sit on for some experimentation with time. Founders makes a fantastic old ale that is wonderful when fresh, and ages gracefully over the years. Available in a 4 pack, it's easy to pick one up each year and put it away, sipping on one every year passed.

The aroma is big on caramel. Raisin and fig mix in behind the caramel. As it begins to open there the smell takes on more earthiness and leather. Once warmed a bit, dark fruits, molasses and even some vanilla make an appearance. There is a touch of alcohol that can be detected, but it isn't much. This beer has some great depth to it's nose.

The taste follows the nose but with more character to each of the aromatic points. The caramel is there, but it has a bit of a burnt flavor to it which adds some nice aggressive edge to the sweetness. Molasses and brown sugar blend with the fig notes to add to the overall sweet foundation. The earthiness plays out more like a wood characteristic blended with the remnants of the hops. Just a touch of booze at the end warms the tail of the drink.

The alcohol has tamed a bit and the sweetness has definitely elevated. The beer is a bit more pleasing to the palate and sits strong on the caramelized malt tone. It drinks well but given how this has developed over the last 3 years, I might have concerns about this becoming an all out malt bomb given much more time in the bottle. One to revisit in another 6 months.


Our CELLARED series aims to explore the world of aging beer and sharing the effects of time in the bottle. Bottles have been kept away from light and at temperatures between 44-60 degrees. Individual experiences may vary depending on storage environments.

Posted on August 31, 2015 .