Black Note Stout is a blend of Expedition Stout and Double Cream Stout that is aged in oak bourbon barrels. This is a great beer fresh and has never really been boozy or much of a mess to begin with like some bourbon barrel stouts could be.

The smell has a strong roasted aroma of dark and chocolate malts. Bourbon follows along with leather, coffee, and cocoa. After it has time to open up a bit, vanilla and dark fruit notes start to poke through but eventually give way to cocoa and coffee.

The taste is rich and sweet. Bourbon is more prevalent in the taste than the nose, but it's not hot or boozy. You can taste the oak of the barrel as an underlying flavor throughout the taste. Chocolate is the main star of the show. It's big and bold and leans more toward a milk chocolate flavor than a dark cocoa. Coffee notes linger and surface now and then through the taste. There is a slight bitterness, but it is the kind you get from a roasted coffee or dark grain. Some dark fruits like cherry and plum are faint in the back of the taste.

The mouthfeel is significantly creamy and full bodied. Very nice and coats the palate. Ends really well and slightly dry with a pleasant chocolate aftertaste.

This brew has done well over time. If anything, the creaminess has almost doubled and the chocolate flavors have definitely heightened. This brew does well right out of the gate and seems to do some amazing things with time. Some may argue it gets too sweet, or becomes a chocolate bomb. That is for your own personal taste to decide how you like it.


Our CELLARED series aims to explore the world of aging beer and sharing the effects of time in the bottle. Bottles have been kept away from light and at temperatures between 44-60 degrees. Individual experiences may vary depending on storage environments.

Posted on April 11, 2014 .