Like cask beers found at bars, this process utilizes the base beer’s flavor profile and either emphasizes or complements those flavors using added ingredients like fruit, herbs, and other spices. A lot of beers on the market use added ingredients like cocoa nibs, coffee, citric fruits, and baked spices right in their recipe. Alechemy gives you the creative control to infuse any beer with like ingredients.

Have you ever had a stout or porter and thought it might benefit from some dark fruits? Maybe one of your favorite brown ales might be really good with some vanilla. This process gives you the opportunity to experiment on a small, bottle by bottle basis.


Our Alechemy project has been featured at several events including Beer Infusion at Rockwell’s, Solidarity for Charity, Let’s Drink – Proximity Magazine Release, Mashtoberfest, and Beer Hoptacular. Each event puts creative control into the hands of the attendees. You pick the beer, the ingredients, we mix it, and you enjoy.

Alechemy can be on location for any event.
- Bars
- Restaurants
- Private Events
- Festivals

Hardcore Craft Beer supplies the beer, ingredients, presses, and Alechemists. All you need is a time and a location.

You can make any type of infusion you would like. Add a little or add a lot, it’s your choice. Our Alechemists can guide you through some ideas and things to consider, all while teaching you about the flavor profiles of beers and how you can break down what you are tasting.

For more information or inquiries about setting up an event, email




22 oz bottle of Stone Smoked Porter
1 Tbsp Cacao Nibs
1 Cinnamon Stick
1 Cut & Sliced Vanilla Bean

Steep for at least 7-10 minutes. Carefully move the plunger up and down to agitate the beer every few minutes. This will help mix the brew and keep the carbonation up. You can substitute for vanilla extract if needed. Use 1/4-1/2 Tsp at most.