What is Hardcore Craft Beer?

hardcore noun 1. the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement.synonyms: diehard, dedicated, steadfast, committed

craft beer noun 1. a beer with a distinctive flavor, produced in small quantities and distributed in a particular region.

Craft beer is a movement, a statement, and a fantastic product. The growth of it’s popularity has been slow in both the market and public knowledge. With more and more breweries opening up across the nation and a greater number of people discovering craft beer, that growth is starting to make waves.

Hardcore Craft Beer exists to educate consumers on the craft beer products they are enjoying and the beer industry itself. HCB also acts as a connection between brewers and the general public to further the growth of craft beer as a community and promote the transfer of beer knowledge through events and media.

There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to the craft beer market, and Hardcore Craft Beer aims to help grow the craft beer industry and make a stronger craft beer community by helping the hardcore craft brewers connect with the hardcore craft beer drinkers.


Setting up a craft beer program at your bar? Have an existing program but need to fine tune it? Maybe you have an event coming up and need some help.

Hardcore Craft Beer offers knowledge and service for craft beer programs, event consultation and planning, and brand management.

Setting up a new craft beer program, planning a craft beer event, or starting a beer brand/brewery can seem daunting and raise a lot of questions. Hardcore Craft Beer can help build the program, offer branding and promotional help, and iron out logistics of upcoming projects and events.

Send all inquiries to chris@hardcorecraftbeer.com